Manchester Pride 2016 FREE EVENT*


* Manchester Pride 2016 FREE EVENT, .This event has nothing to do witth MANCHESTER PRIDE LIMITED either the charity or the events company.

Many people think that this event is put on by a charity but infact it is put on by the events company and no money from tickets sales go to a charity.

This is about your right of access into the village.

Manchester Pride might not tell you but you have a legal right of access into your gay village and no wristband has ever been needed unless you want to attend the events that are held in the private areas such as the car parks that are held by the event company.

You have the right to access the gay village without a wristband and you do not have to state your destiination to the stewards on the gates.

No wristband has ever been needed to gain entry into the village as its your right to gain access without one. But if Manchester Pride do try and give you a free wristband for your right of access then do not take one as you will be agreeing to their terms and conditions and you do not have to.

So in 2016 we will be giving away FREE Right Of Access wristbands to anyone that wants to gain entry to the gay village. This wristband will show that you know your rights.

This is not about getting into the village for free and not supporting what pride should be about, All we ask from you in return is for you to make a donation to a LGBT charity of your choice,

If you wish to atend any of the events that are put on by Manchester Pride within the village, then you will require a wristband from Manchester Pride
  • Manchester Pride, Canal Street
    Canal Street, Manchester
  • Aug 26-30, 2016
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